Venezuela state oil company gave cash to Trump inauguration

Two shot dead at Venezuela protests

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Business as usual Analysis by Luis Fajardo, BBC MundoVenezuela is in the middle of a major economic crisis, which has the oil rich country flirting with hyperinflation.

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This Wednesday, street protests demanding the resignation of President Nicolas Maduro resulted in at least two persons shot dead.

In this chaotic context, it is perhaps less surprising that Venezuelan media did not seem to dedicate much time to cover the news that their government gave, through a state owned oil company, a US$500,000 contribution to Donald Trump’s inauguration.

Still, some analysts in Venezuela are expressing anger at the news.

“We have been experiencing four consecutive years of recession, we have the highest inflation in the world and are facing scarcity in many basic goods. It is scandalous that Venezuela, facing such a crisis, would make those donations to the inauguration of a US president, who at least in theory, is ideologically confronted with the revolution,” Jose Manuel Puente, a professor of public policy at IESA university in Caracas, tells the BBC.

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The payment was reportedly made through Citgo, a US subsidiary of Venezuelan state owned oil company PDVSA.

It is not the first time Citgo has been involved in politically controversial activities in the US. President Maduro’s predecessor, Hugo Chavez, used the Football NFL Jerseys for Cheap Stitch Elite

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